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Life becomes art once we allow it

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Rikrdo Rojas

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About Us

Studio Levanttar is a contemporary art platform with the mission to support of expression of creativity regardless of the medium and origin of the artist. From pre-Hispanic motifs to abstractionism, from encaustic to graphite, from printmaking to ceramics to murals, we represent the artists that emit harmonious energy, create from the heart and are family.

Our vision is to transform the world of art by going back to the roots of creativity and fearlessness, as well as ensure fair artist compensation. This allows us to bring a different kind of energy to people’s spaces around the world. By that we attempt to raise the vibration of their surroundings helping them heal, reflect, connect to their roots and nature. 

By consciously sharing our art we also support local communities by directing 5% of all sales to the classes, workshops and social projects.

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