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Gabo Mendoza

Just like Picasso and Basquiat, guided by his fascination of child’s freedom and confidence during the creative process, his love of simplicity and a desire to express himself in a manner that a child would, Gabo Mendoza’s work plays on the adults’ inability to freely express themselves without subconsciously calculating their every move and fear of “not being good enough”. 


He is masterfully reflecting at us how seamlessly and easily a child can use various forms of art to convey their feelings and portray surroundings, and the contrast with adults’ ability to block this very natural gift of humans. He shows to us that the graphic language is universal and it allows kids to communicate without speaking a word of sound. What important is the message that it carries. This profound discovery can be traced throughout his work on canvas, with paper, cardboard and copper which he attempts to make as unrealistic as possible.

Gabo Mendoza.jpg
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