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Katerina Levanttar

Katerina employs everyday objects to orchestrate a thought-provoking dialogue between a piece and a viewer. Through her eyes, she deftly crafts portraits of ordinary objects, drawing attention to the oft-overlooked details that reside in the realm of the commonplace. Her artistic endeavors encourage the viewer to embark on an intellectual excavation, delving beyond the surface and unraveling the intricate layers of significance interwoven into her conceptual pieces.

Drawing on her experience as both a spiritual guide and an EQ consultant, the artist has a particular approach to the questions she brings to the surface, touching intimate and vulnerable parts of human experiences. Her creations are imbued with a discerning intellect, as each piece becomes a vessel that carries forth a constellation of inquiries and reflections, mirroring the intellectual inquiries she has cultivated in her other vocations.

Katerina's artistic narrative is an intricate dance between the ordinary and the profound, a symphony that harmonizes the mundane with the spiritual, and an invitation to traverse the corridors of introspection. Through her artistic language, she orchestrates a symposium of thought and emotion, beckoning the viewer to join her in a journey of profound discovery.

She currently lives and creates in Mexico City where she moved to from New York. She was born in Moscow and grew up in Central Russia.

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Corn Collection

Mushroom Collection

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