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Corn Collection

Using play and reflection, Katerina Levanttar dives into duality of two simple yet profound objects — Corn and Eggs. At the heart of this collection lies an exploration of development of healthy masculinity the world is slowly learning. Stepping into this ethereal realm, the delicate interplay between Corn and Eggs assumes a metaphorical representation, questioning the essence of modern masculinity. The artist brings up the very fabric of power vs. force. Does size truly dictate strength, or can we cultivate a culture of collaboration and mutual support, where masculine and feminine energies harmoniously coexist?


The significance of Corn emerges as an emblem of gratitude and reverence for one of Mexico's most pivotal plants. This collection pays homage to the sacred place Corn occupies in the heart of Mexican cuisine, transcending social boundaries and uniting all in a shared appreciation for its nourishing essence.


The artist encourages profound introspection and reevaluation of societal norms. Through these ordinary yet extraordinary objects, she invites you to embark on a journey that celebrates the potential for balance, compassion, and inclusivity, transforming our perceptions of masculinity and the essence of true equality.

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Available works

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