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Our Community


A mural project in Barrio Xochimilco of Oaxaca City is first of a kind in this town. Fully supported by the people living in this quiant neighborhood just outside center of the town, artists's vision to express the essence of this part of town was one of the driving factors. Xochimilco means field of flowers in Zapotec and this is what the artists attempted to preserve and express through their creations. 


18 murals where there were bare walls meant to transform the neighborhood and inspire creativity and unity both in visitors and inhabitants. 

Here you can find a mural by Rodrigo Leon (with the help of his wife Edith Montes) who in his signature style brough mystisism, a mix of feminine and masculine energies and symbolism to the 11- meter wall a couple of steps from the entrance to the andador which surely can make the viewers pause and reflect.

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