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Art is not for you? Think again

I used to be one of those people who would rather go to a bar than a museum, who wouldn’t even understand what the point of an art gallery was or who would admire mirrors instead of paintings.

Somehow that all has changed and the last days wrapping my New York City life up have been spent at The Met. For about a year prior to my departure from NYC I have spent Thursday nights visiting gallery openings. Spending a couple of hours at a museum has become number one priority on my travel agenda.

Why and how did it happen I have no idea but art entered my life and has never left. So as a former person who didn’t have any relationship with art, I can say that art is not that scary as it seems. What it does though is changes the environment we are in and it transforms us.

How you ask?

Well, let’s consider this. Art is a manifestation of pure fearlessness. It takes so much letting go of and overcoming of the inner fears for the real artist to create something in a physical shape. You are pretty much looking at the energy when you observe a pierce of art.

Art is the language of the soul. So when one soul expresses itself the other soul listens and learns, understands and heals. That is how we humans heal each other, through exposing our guts so other humans can relate and possibly understand something about themselves. Art teaches us to feel instead of being logical and that is one of the problems we humans are overcoming on our journey. How it is to control our mind and allow the heart to be heard. Art is one of the "tools" among many others that can help us connect to ourselves and learn to listen.

Art is an exercise of overcoming our own fears of being looked at as an amateur and a silly person asking questions like a first grader among people who most likely just pretend they understand what they are talking about. Most people who "understand" art will be happy to tell someone about it, simply out of pure joy. There is not one way to interpret art. It is what you see and it is what you feel. It’s definitely not what you think or logically calculate based on the investment return.

So why is art for you? Because the more of us find our inner artist, deal with our fears, turn to creativity and appreciate the work of the artists for what it is, the better we are as humans, the more free we are, the less fearful we are, the more creative we are, the higher our vibration is and the higher the vibration of the planet is.

Maybe art is how we heal our planet through healing each other?

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