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Give this holiday a new meaning. Give a gift of art.

This holiday season will certainly be very very different from any other in most of our memory. 2020 has been full of unexpected twists and turns and and each of us did the best we could to adjust and transport ourselves to this new reality.

Our new reality has been filled with beautiful and meaningful art which we would like to share with you. Ahead of the holiday season we would like to present a chance for you to look for something special, something outside of the usual shopping malls and something that can enhance the homes we all have been spending so much time in lately.

This brings us to the gift of art. It is very likely that buying art as a holiday gift was not even an option before. We always needed those countless pajamas and blenders right? Now could be the time to take a fresh look.

We would like to suggest 10 works by the artists of our gallery depending on the budget and personal preferences that could make it very special gift giving season and allow you to feel like a time travel to Oaxaca.

1. Los Hilos del Mundo by Rodrigo León

Rodrigo León builds the bridge between the dimensions we are navigating through. Sacred geometry, encáustica technique and the use of colors to bring tranquility and translucent dreams to the canvas.

This contemporary art piece could be a great gift for a seeker of spirituality, for the connection to the higher self, for bringing more peace to someone’s life and for transforming a living room into a more airy and lighter space.

2. Animales Músicos by Valeriano Uk

Valeriano’s prints stand out among the works of many Oaxaca printmakers. Not looking for the easy but for the best way to bring his story to paper, Valeriano uses bright colors, elements of nature and the animal world. Why are there so many eyes everywhere? They are part of his symbolism reminding us that everything around us is alive.

This could be a great gift for someone who loves prints, for a new art collector, for bringing more nature and tradition to someone’s life, for someone in need of grounding.

3. Superficie sobre un vórtice #3 by Samuel Rojas Espinosa

Peaceful and harmonious, the energy of Samuel can be felt on his canvas. Sit in front of it and quietly observe your inner world. The flowing textures of his contemporary abstract art works, the combination of pastels with deeper hues and the trajectory of the lines suddenly turn this painting into a 3D picture.

This could be a great gift for a lover of abstract art, a creative person, for someone who needs to add tranquility to their house and who is looking to bring more right-brain activity to their life.

4. Muladhara by Rikrdo Rojas

Muladhara by Rikrdo Rojas is a contemporary spiritual art piece that represents a mixture of spirituality and anatomy in both of which the artist finds inspiration and endless learning opportunity.

Being the first chakra, Muladhara is located at the base of the spine which also includes our feet. The color this chakra vibrates at is red. We will leave you with this information to continue your own journey into the works of our talented artist.

This could be a great gift to a loved one who is fascinated with spirituality, psycodelic world, a human body and who is possibly in a medical profession like a doctor, chiropractor or therapist.

5. Fruta Obscena I by Josué Vázquez Saldaña

Do you see a colorful fruit waiting to be eaten or do you see the most sacred and powerful energy in our world? It’s up to you, but it’s there when you are ready. Dive right in and allow yourself to be lost in the layers and tones of this abstract conceptual painting that the artist so masterfully expressed on canvas.

This could be a great gift for a woman who is in her power or who is seeking and getting closer to finding her inner goddess. It could be a wonderful gift to a wife and a partner, also to a man who has learnt to honor scared feminine goddess.

6. Dreaming the reality my eyes want to see by Yari Montes

A beautiful conversation piece, it’s so much more than just a sculpture or pottery. Mysterious, transcending and making us wonder, this creature wants us to pause and observe. What is her dream and is it too surreal for her to open her eyes?

This could be a great gift for yourself; also for a gentle person with magical aura, for your mom, for the best female friend, for your partner and woman who is on a search for her inner power.

7. Metáfora by Judith Ruiz

Using clay Judith brings to us the most subtle of emotion, a union between two humans. During the times when commitment is challenging to find and when the desire to be saved is stronger than a desire to understand oneself, the artist creates an analogy of the similarities and affection a couple in union can share with each other.

This could be a great gift for your partner, for your parents, for a couple you admire, for a relationship therapist or a coach.

8. St. Femme Mystique by Moseh Morales

A woman is a goddess, she also is our way to connect to the spiritual, to the plant world and the path to get closer to understanding this world a little bit better.

She is a door we humans can use to take a peek to the other side where bright flowers are blooming and where we are who we were meant to be.

This watercolor painting could be a great gift for your friend on a spiritual path, for a person looking for the connection to nature, for someone honoring psycodelic work, for the supporter of divine feminine.

9. Zipolite by Fernando Aceves Humana

Bringing the beach to your home is a beautiful way to remind yourself that winter doesn’t last forever and this beautiful oil painting by Fernando takes you right to the la costa chica of Oaxaca and it’s magnificent sunsets.

This could be a great gift for your parents, anyone in love with the beach and preferring swimsuits to the heavy coats.

10. Constelación by Tania Bello

In this watercolor painting Tania brings raw emotions, possible traumas and taboo experiences to the canvas for us to reflect and explore complex dynamics deeper than before. She is not afraid to expose something that we all see but neglect to shine light on. She is not only a fearless woman from Mexico but the true artist.

This could be a great gift for a couple, a collector, a person who supports women and someone not afraid to question the “norms” of our society.

As you might be already aware, we have beautiful artisan pottery that can be used either as decorative pieces or day to day ceramics in your kitchen and dining room. These pieces can bring beauty to your daily rituals in addition to the works of our artists.

In addition to the above recommendations, we would like to mention for you to remember about a very important person in your life, YOU, and possibly gift yourself a piece of art that speaks to you at the present moment.

And to remind you, worldwide shipping is available for most of art works. You are always welcome to visit our beautiful Oaxaca and our gallery and take your art home yourself.

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