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How art can change the energy of your home

Remember last time when you entered a room and suddenly felt different? No matter bad or good, just different. You might've not even noticed it at first, only after you were reflecting on your visit you might've thought to yourself, what a nice day I had or I really didn't like being there.

These feelings were not only caused by your own emotional state and the people that surrounded you, although that is also part of a full picture, but by the space you were in. How come you haven't realized that the space can impact our emotional state by now? The reason is, those of us living in a developed world have "forgotten" our basic instincts, how to feel and read the space, our intuition and our ability to sense what is going on around us. Our bodies still remember it though, we just don't know how to "read" these feelings the body is sending us.

So what made you say Ahhhhh with a smile and a relief clearly visible on your face? It's the thoughtfully designed space, the room that emits positive energy the room with soothing colors and powerful art. Yes art! Art is not just a painting or a sculpture, it's an alive object that carries the energy of its creator. As someone who by now has met many different artists, I can say that each piece the artist creates is like his/her baby. It brings to the surface the worries, realizations, the knowledge and the beauty that the artist carries in her heart. Nothing is a coincidence, the color, the size, the texture, the title of their work. So when you enter the space with the art pieces you immediately feel the energy of the humans who poured their heart on canvas.

That's why it's important to get to know the artist and his story in the process of acquiring art. When you relate to the story and feel the pull to the piece of art in front of you, that's when you know it's for you. Obviously, if you like to go deeper, each piece depending on its type should take a particular place in your home or office for the energy to flow harmoniously and create the space that helps you vs creates friction. And it starts with simple changes. First, make regular visits to your local art galleries (hopefully they started to reopen after the quarantine) and just look at art, talk to the person at the gallery, ask questions and feel a bit more comfortable. Second, observe how you feel in different rooms in your house or houses of your friends or any other spaces and notice what you see there to determine what makes you feel certain way. Third, you can just message us for help navigating this process for you as it can become overwhelming to do it on your own. Just to warn you, we like airy minimalist spaces because we believe it helps us breathe and free up space in our lives for the new to enter our reality.

In conclusion, art is powerful and it without a doubt has effect on the energy of your space. So be mindful what you allow into your home and possibly make the first steps towards creating a home that helps you reach your goals in life.

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