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How to buy your first artwork

If we wanted to be short and to the point in answering the above question, we would say "Just have fun with it!" However, us adults very often don't remember what it means. Especially when it relates to something new, supposedly serious and very unknown. The day when you become more comfortable with it, you will know, our reader, what we meant.

Buying art could be overwhelming to the point that people don't even consider getting involved. Just as a side note, many wealthy people delegate this task to their art advisor choosing to completely trust them with art selection and purchase. We prefer to chose our own art as it is a very very personal process.

First, buying art should not be a choir and you need to like what you see. Art has a potential to affect your life through the energy it transmits so consult with your intuition on the piece you are bringing home.

Second, find an art lover in your group of friends. Somebody will turn out to be an artist or has an art-connected friend. Reach out and talk to them. Have your mind open, listen. If what you hear resonates, then start building on that information. And please no rush! The whole process is art in itself so savor it, where are you running to?

Third, start getting proper use from your social media time. Look up gallery and artist accounts and follow them. This way you can start seeing more art pieces in your feed constantly and form the understanding of type of art that resonates with you. This will also make you more comfortable around art.

Fourth, to get you even more comfortable, start visiting art galleries and events in your city or during your travels. It's a great way to be exposed to the energy of the art world and get a better understanding of how powerfully art can affect you. It also helps to get used to gallery visits without necessarily buying anything.

Fifth, you are ready! Make sure you determined your budget and trust the person advising you on your purchase. Take a deep breath and congratulations! You now have your first artwork. It's a great step and it could be a start of your personal art collection that can stay in the family for generations.

Any questions about the above? Feel free to reach out and follow up for future articles.

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