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Roger Zi Chim

Originally from Oaxaca, Roger Zi Chim is a painter and a body movement performer who is deeply interested in duality and contrast - in the human body and the human journey in this reality.


For him, painting is not just a way to obtain the final piece. It is a tool to convey ideas, personal observations and a way to deliver a message. Conceptual in nature, each work reflects a part of his inner world which he is seeking to expose to the observer with as much honesty as power. The artist aspires for his work to become nature - like, an entity living on its own, breathing and inviting introspection.

The works displayed below are from the series "Anthropomobile" and represent the artist's reflection on the theme of a Cyborg - a mix of human and machine. In his paintings, Roger is deconstructing a human figure and a mechanical form in order to unite them in an embrace; morphing into something new in order to fit into the always transforming world.

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